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XR22/44 Robinson Helicopter Trainer AATD

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The SBPA Flight Simulator model Simulaer XR22-44 is based on the dimensions and layout of a fiber glass cockpit, single engine and multiengine aircraft.

The unit consists of a cockpit section, instructor’s control station, visual display system and an audio system. It incorporates a combination of hardware and software components that is assembled by “SBPA Simulators & Technologies”. All hardware elements are permanently installed and designed so the cockpit has the appearance of an actual aircraft. From the pilot’s seated position, there are no computer hardware elements such as keyboards, pointing devices, etc. within view or reach of the pilot.

- Low cost vs Helicopter real operational, maintenance and repair
- Face challenges in the simulator before facing them in your helicopter
- Risking the simulator while training is much prefered over risking your helicopter
- Train in more time with less expense
- Add prestige and marketing to your flight school and make better pilots with Simulaer XR22-44