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SBPA has been elected the best startup in Brazil and is currently the leading simulator company in Brazil

SBPA has been elected the best startup in Brazil and is currently the leading simulator company in Brazil

SBPA Simulators is the flagship company of flight simulators in Brazil, today with 55 simulators installed all over the country, focusing on civil aviation, mono, multi, jets and helicopters and beginning to take the first steps towards internationalization. The company's history is full of awards that prove the company is prepared to face the market.

The company is formed by Adriano Oliveira, commercial director and Luciano Mohr Zoppo, managing partner who had the idea of opening the company from their previous work and experiences. In 2008 they started as incubated at Unitec.

In 2008 SBPA won the Finep award, which helped in the company structure, since the amount received was invested in company management. In 2010, through the Inova RS selection, it was possible to use the input to develop the helicopter simulator and nationalize the technology. It`s important to highlight that the Inova Pequena Empresa RS, is promoted by SEBRAE (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service), which through public calls, selects proposals for researching and development of innovative products and processes of Micro Enterprises and Small Business, based in Rio Grande do Sul.

In 2014 they were selected by Inova RS again, but now for developing a new simulator - the Squirrel helicopter. This type of helicopter is used by police officers from all over Brazil, both for security and for rescue. These helicopters are uninsured, therefore the simulator function is to provide training for these pilots.
The company has also been awarded by Anprotec - Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators, as the best incubated company in Brazil. They have projects approved by national entities and winning these awards shows that the company is well organized, has consistent and good projects, says Adriano. And, getting the new year off to a good start, the company was selected for the second phase of Comung Award / BRDE Entrepreneurship in Startups. The result comes out in March and the prospects are the best.

The company is always looking forward to developing new technologies, decreasing its imports, which currently boils down to only 3%. The company also looks for partnerships with companies that are already located in the park, companies that have something in common and have the structure needed to perform the service.

Internationalization is one of the plans of SBPA, which took an important step by opening an office in Florida, in the United States, last November, with a helicopter simulator at Orlando Executive Airport. The American market offers great potential, considering that there is an average of 700 flight schools in the country. Only the number of flight schools in Florida is bigger than 150.

Predicting the future, SBPA prepared to face the challenges in the international market over the years, attending courses, qualifications, international fairs, business meetings, as well as market research for availability analysis.

2015 prospects in the US market are very good. According to Adriano "it is very important to have the equipment in the US, to have the feedback from American consumers." The plans for 2015 are to export for the first time to the US, with the goal of shipping 10 simulators to the country, and in the internal market the increase prospect of 20% to 30% compared to 2014 (around 15 simulators ), and the development of Jet 737 and Squirrel Simulator projects.