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SBPA Flight Simulators is a Brasil IT+ Company

The Brasil IT+ brand represents a conjunction of institutions and companies that believe in the capacity of the Brazilian Information Technology sector to conduct solid business inside and outside the country. In addition, Brasil IT+ certifies the competency and quality of Brazilian IT and assures the delivery of practical, efficient and innovative solutions, by means of a unique combination of attributes that Brazil has to offer: business expertise, creativity, flexibility, diversity, infrastructure aand tradition in the conducting realization of strong/solid partnerships.

The increase growing of the Brazilian participation in the leading global markets reveals that the country is now a strategic IT player, and that the Brasil IT + brand is a synonym for its competence as a technology provider on a global scale. Conceived with the objective of developing an agenda for the internationalization of companies and the promotion of exports, the brand is used by government and private sector entities in projects structured to provide commercial support and in relations with potential purchasers of Brazilian services, people who influence public opinion and the international press.

To reinforce the reliability and high quality of Brazilian IT on an international level, Brasil IT + is present in various initiatives aimed at positioning that aims to position and strengthening our industry. The activities include, among others, the participation of Brazilian delegations at international congresses and fairs, on business missions and invitations to journalists, people who influence public opinion and potential buyers to discover Brazilian expertise in this sector.